Encryption type configuration in krb5 1.8

Here’s a note about a little project I finished a few weeks ago.

We have three variables configuring what types of encryption can be used in krb5:  default_tgs_enctypes, default_tkt_enctypes, and permitted_enctypes.  In krb5 1.7 and prior, the syntax of these variables is just a list of enctype names.  That’s fine if you know exactly what you want, but not so helpful if you just want to add or remove some enctypes from the default list.  For example, if you want to disable DES and triple DES support, you could list all of the remaining enctypes, but then your krb5 installation wouldn’t support any future enctypes we add support for in later versions of krb5.

In krb5 1.7, we added the allow_weak_crypto variable, which globally disables enctypes we consider to be weak (chiefly single DES) if set to false.  That’s a step forward, but isn’t very flexible.

In krb5 1.8, you will be able to use a more flexible syntax for enctype configuration.  There are three additions:

  1. The word DEFAULT expands to the default list of enctypes.
  2. There are four defined “families” of enctypes based on the underlying cipher: des, des3, aes, and rc4.
  3. You can put a ‘-’ before an enctype or family name to remove it from the list.

So if you want to disable a specific enctype like AES256, you could write “DEFAULT -aes256-cts”.  If you want to disable whole families, you can do so succinctly with something like “DEFAULT -des -des3″.  If you want to use only specific families of enctypse, you can also do that succinctly by naming the families, like “aes des3″.  If you want to prefer a specific enctype, you can move it to the front of the list by writing something like “aes128-cts DEFAULT”.

There is a fourth variable of importance to enctype configuration.  It is called “supported_enctypes”, and determines the default combination of key/salt-type pairs used when a principal is created or its password is changed.  Because of the added factor of salt types, the syntax of this variable is unchanged for krb5 1.8; you have to explicitly list all of the key/salt types you want to use.  We looked into eliminating the concept of “salt type” for krb5 1.8 so that this variable could work just like the other three, but there turn out to be a few complications.

krb5 1.8 is planned to be released around March 2010, plus or minus three months.

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